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 Unit Index  
 Snark & Thor
   SAC Squadrons
   Modern Atlas 
 Titan I - 703, 451 MW
 Titan II -
    308, 381, 390 MW
    Modern Titan
      44 MW
      91st SMW 
      341st SMW
      351 & 455 SMW
      90th SW
  Space Command
  Air Launched

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Missile Patches

   This section contains patches from the ICBM missile units.  It does not include the Quail, Hound Dog
and other rockets carried aboard the B-52 and other aircraft as these were controlled by units assigned
to the bomb wings. . 
Unit Index  -  Master index to both squadrons and wings
Vandenberg - Headquarters for the USAF missile program.  Training and Test organizations.
Atlas & Snark Missiles  - The Snark was a short-lived cruise missile.  The Atlas was SAC's first operational ICBM, deployed as SAC Squadrons attached to bomb wings, transforming them into aerospace wings.  Inactivated by late 1965.  Many were used to launch satellites at Vandenberg and these are listed under Modern Atlas 
Titan I - Deployed as squadrons, and also in two wings - the 703rd and 451 Missile Wings
Titan II - Deployed in three wings - 308th, 381st and 390 Missile Wings.
Minuteman Missiles - the Mainstay of SAC ICBM deterrent force for many years. 
Deployed in six wings - 44 MW, 90th SMW (now Peacekeeper), 91st SMW, 341st SMW , 351 & 455 SMW
Peacekeeper - the controversial MX missile, controlled by the 90th SW
Space Command - Now controls all USAF missiles
Air Launched - The Cruise Missiles. 
Other - Crews, events, projects, etc.