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 Snark & Thor
   SAC Squadrons
   Modern Atlas 
 Titan I - 703, 451 MW
 Titan II -
    308, 381, 390 MW
    Modern Titan
      44 MW
      91st SMW 
      341st SMW
      351 & 455 SMW
      90th SW
  Space Command
  Air Launched

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SAC & Snark Missile Patches

    The First Atlas missile was accepted by the 576th SMS at Vandenberg AFB, on Sept. 1, 1959.  The next three Atlas squadrons were scheduled to become operational at Warren and Offutt AFBs between March and November, 1960.   They were only in operation a few years before replaced by the more efficient Titan and Minuteman Missiles.  The patches are rare. 
     By late 1964, all the Atlas were removed from their silos.  It seems that most, if not all, were sent to Vandenberg AFB, where they were used to launch satellites.   

Snark Missiles

Atlas Missiles

Warren AFB; 1958-1961

4320 SMW 706 SMW
decal from hardhat
549 SMS

Warren AFB; 1961-1965.  Replaced the 706 SMW, above


389 SMW 564 SMS 565 SMS

Squadrons assigned to Bomb Wings, which were then redesignated Aerospace Wings

548 SMS - HAVE
Forbes AFB
550 SMS - HAVE
Schilling AFB
551 SMS - HAVE
Lincoln AFB

Above is reproduction
556 SMS
Plattsburgh AFB
566 SMS
Offutt AFB
567 SMS - HAVE
Fairchild AFB
576 SMS
Vandenberg AFB
577 SMS - HAVE
 Altus AFB
578 SMS - HAVE
Dyess AFB
579 SMS
Walker AFB