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Snark and Thor Missile

Snark - The Snark was an early cruise missile - They were under the command of the 702nd Strategic Missile Wing located at Presque Isle AFB, Maine.  One squadron - the 556th SMS. 

  702 SMW
Presque Isle, Maine
556 SMS
Reactivated as Atlas squadron
Thor - SAC activated the new 705th Strategic Missile Wing at Lakenheath RAF Station on February 20, 1958, and assigned it to the 7th Air Division  It was soon moved to South Ruislip where it merged with Headquarters 7th Air Division.  The 705th was essentially a "paper organization."  It had no missiles and was manned by 7th Air Division additional personnel.  
      The 392nd Missile Training Squadron was activated at Vandenberg on 15 Sept. 1957  It provided Thor training for RAF crews. On April 16, 1959, an RAF crew launched it's first Thor as part of the training program. By end of the year, three squadrons of Thor IRBMs had been turned over to Royal Air Force and were operational in the United Kingdom.  On April 22, 1960, the fourth and final Thor squadron was manned and activated.  The Royal Air Force maintained them in a combat-ready state.  They were never under the
operational control of SAC units. 
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705 SMW 392nd MTS