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Titan Deployment
     In May 1955, the Air Force decided to undertake a second missile program, building on the knowledge that was gained in developing the Atlas.   Funding and development soon followed.  The Titans were tested at Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg AFB.  (For details of the Titan I development and test flights, see Titan I website.)
      In October 1957, Congress authorized the Air Force to deploy four Titan I squadrons. Later that number increased to 12 squadrons, evenly split between Titan I and Titan II.  With their 6,300-mile range, the Air Force based the Titan I between Colorado and Washington state.  The Titan II, had a longer 9,000-mile range and could be based farther south.  They were located in Arizona, Kansas, and Arkansas, permitting a wider national dispersal pattern. Other factors that affected the location of the Titan launch facilities were population density under the missile's projected flight path, and the location of existing bases to provide logistical support.
Training Units
Base Squadron Dates Active Assigned to
  848th SMS   703rd SMW
  849th SMS   703rd SMW
Vandenberg 576 SMS 704th SMW
Vandenberg 576 SMS Oct 18, 1961- Dec. 20, 1961 392nd SMW

Titan I Units

No known patches

Lowry AFB Colorado - 703 Strategic Missile Wing - 848th SMS, 849th SMS
In August, 1957, The Air Force selected Lowry to be the first Titan base.  Construction of launch facilities began on May 1st, 1959.  On Feb, 1, 1960, the 848th was activated at Lowry AFB, marking the first stand-up of a Titan 1 Squadron.  On Aug 1, 1960, the  849th was activated.  Both were assigned to the 703rd Strategic Missile Wing.  On August 4, 1961, all three units were discontinued.  I have never seen any patches from these units.  Air Force Combat Wings states that the wing never had any missiles and never became operational.
Lowry AFB, Colorado - 451st Strategic Missile Wing - 724th SMS, 725th SMS
On August 4, 1961, construction of all nine silos at Lowry was completed and the 848th and 849th Strategic Missile Squadrons and 451st Strategic Missile Wing were activated and replaced the earlier units.  On April 18, 1962, the 724th was declared operational and turned over to SAC.  The 725th SMS was turned over to SAC on May 4th and became fully operational on May 10th.  Both squadrons remained operational and on alert for almost three years.  They began taking their Titans off alert on Feb. 17, 1965. The last came off alert on March 26th.  Their missiles were shipped to Mira Loma Air Station, near Vandenberg AFB.  Both squadrons were inactivated June 25th, 19
Ellsworth AFB - 44th Strategic Missile Wing - 850th SMS
    On Dec. 1, 1960, the 850th SMS was activated under the 28h Bombardment Wing. On June 22, 1961, it received its first operational Titan 1 missile.  The squadron became operational on Sept. 28th and was turned over to SAC.  On Jan. 1, 1962, the 850th was turned over to the 44th Strategic Missile Wing.  On Dec. 1, 1962 - it was assigned to the to the 28hAREFS, briefly making the wing one of three (with the 456th SAW at Beale and the 462nd SAW at Larson) to operate both B-52s and Titan 1s.  On Feb. 1, 1965, the last Titan I was taken off alert.  The 850th was inactivated on March 25, 1965.   
Beale AFB - 456th Strategic Missile Wing - 851st SMS
   The 851st SMS  was activated at Beale on April 20, 1962. On May 24th, 1962, a terrific blast rocked launcher 1, destroying a Titan I and causing heavy damage to the silo. This occurred during a contractor checkout at Chico Complex 4C.  After the investigation, the Air Force concluded that the two separate LOX explosions occurred because of a blocked vent and blocked valve.   On June 6, 1962 a flash fire at another silo in the Chico complex killed a worker.  Sept 8, 1962, the  851st was declared operational and turned over to SAC.  It was the last Titan 1 Squadron to achieve alert status.  On March 9, 1963, after damages were repaired, the Chico complex became operational   The 851st remained operational for the next two and a half years.  On Jan. 4, 1965, the first Titan was taken off alert. The processes was completed by Jan. 22.  On March 25, 1965, the 851st SMS was inactivated.
Larson AFB - 462nd Strategic Missile Wing - 568th SMS
     The 568th Strategic Missile Squadron was activated on April 1, 1961, as a unit of the 4170th Strategic Wing.  On Sept 26, 1962, the squadron was declared operational and turned over to SAC.  On March 18, 1963, it suffered an accident involving a Titan 1 missile in a silo. During maintenance Air Force personnel inadvertently disconnected the cable between the missile and the silo and the inter-stage separation rockets fired, lifting the first stage off the second stage. The event caused major damage to the silo and missile, fortunately none of the workers received any injuries. The Titan 1 was not fitted with a warhead at the time of the incident  Titans began going off alert on Jan. 4, 1965; the last was taken off alert on Feb. 2nd.  The 568th was inactivated on March 25, 1965.
Mountain Home AFB - 9th Strategic Missile Wing - 569th SMS
     The 569th SMS was activated on June 1, 1961.  On August 16, 1962, it was declared operational and turned over to SAC.  The first Titan was taken off alert on Feb. 17, 1965; the last on April 1st.  The 569th was inactivated June 25, 1965.

Titan II  Units

308th Strategic Missile Wing - 373rd SMS, 374th SMS
    Established as 308th Bombardment Wing in 1951 and inactivated in 1961.  Reactivated Nov. 29, 1961 as 308th Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM-Titan) at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas. 
381st Strategic Missile Wing - 532nd SMS, 533rd SMS
    Established as the 381st Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM-Titan) and activated 29 Nov. 1961.  Placed first Titan II missiles on alert in July 1963.  Became the host organization at McConnell AFB.
390th Strategic Missile Wing - 570th SMS, 571 SMS
    Established as 390th Bombardment Wing, Medium on 23 March 1953.  Redesigned 390th Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM - Titan) and activated on 28 Nov. 1961 at Davis-Mothan AFB, Ariz.  Unit formed from scratch, but some cadre came from the Davis-Mothan 303rd Bomb Wing.
In a Nutshell
Titan I Squadrons
Base Squadron Dates Active Assigned to
Ellsworth 850th SMS 44th SMW
Larson 568th SMS Feb. 1, 1963- March 25, 1965 462nd SAW
Beale 851st SMS Feb. 1, 1963 - March 25, 1965 456th SAW
Mountain Home  569th SMS June 1, 1961 - June 25, 1965   9th SAW
Lowry 724th SMS Jul 1, 1961 - June 25, 1965 451st SMW
Lowry 725th SMS July 1, 1961 - June 25, 1965 451st SMW

Titan II Squadrons

Little Rock 373rd SMS   308th SMW
Little Rock 374th SMS
McConnell  532nd SMS March 1, 1962 - 381st SMW
McConnell  533rd SMS August 1,. 1962 -  381st SMW
Davis-Monthan 570th SMS June 13, 1963- 390th SMW
Davis-Monthan 571st SMS Nov. 30, 1963 390th SMW