Strategic Air Command


Strategic Air Command Christmas Card - Picture & Description

Description of Strategic Air Command Memorial Window
The following text appears on the SAC Christmas card:

     The ray of golden light is symbolic of God's will. His revelation.  His influence. In the fullness of God's will stands man, mature in mind and dedicated in spirit, responding to the challenge of God to serve his age.  Behind him is his family, symbolic of all families he is dedicated to protect.
     Around and above man are the means given him by God to carry out his work. To the right are isobars indicative of weather services. Above are the planes he flies, one of which is being  refueled in flight.  The main flight of aircraft is bathed in golden light similar that descending from God, reminiscent of the motto, "Peace is Our Profession," and that this is the labor of God - fearing men.  Global scope is indicated near each of the four corners by the outlines of quarter sections of a world map based on a north polar projection.  Streaking across, in a upward curve, is the path of power, inspired by the trail of a missile or space craft.
     Window was created to memorialize SAC combat crew personnel killed in performance of duty.  It is located in the Chapel of Offutt Air Force Base, near Omaha Nebraska.
Comment: The general thrust of this is that God gave SAC jet bombers, ICBM missiles and nuclear bombs so that it could do "His will."  SAC's primary mission was Peace, which SAC maintained by providing a strong deterrent.  If that failed, then SAC's mission became the mass destruction of the enemy.  Today we know that a nuclear war would have resulted in the greenhouse effect that would have eventually killed all life on earth.  What role does "God's will" play in all this? ... Marv