Strategic Air Command

Operation "Enduring Freedom"

     The cowardly attacks on the United States that took place on September 11, 2001 were unprecedented.  The only event that came close was the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.  But it's objectives were military - not killing innocent civilians and instilling fear in a nation.  In the wake of the attack Admiral Yamamoto, who planned and executed it, was congratulated by his officers on such a stunning surprise and such a great victory.  The Admiral replied, "I'm afraid all we have done is awaken a sleeping lion and fill it will rage and resolve."  Most certainly that is the result of the September 11th attacks.
     The men and women of SAC defended our nation during the trying days of the Cold War.  The passing years have certainly done nothing to weaken their love for our country, their patriotism,  and their determination that it be defended.  Many of our visitors have expressed tremendous support for our forces, who in many cases are their sons and nephews.  This new section has been established as a means for us to show that support.  
Let's Roll
New Insignia to go on Air Force Planes
They Caught Him
You-know-who - head being squished by the Fat Lady. 
She hasn't sung yet.
F-15 Nose Art
391st Fighter Squadron's F-15E Strike Eagles stationed at Mountain Home that are now deployed in Operation Enduring Freedo