Strategic Air Command


Strategic Air Command Christmas Card - Introduction
      Below and on the pages that follow is, to my knowledge, the only Christmas Card sanctioned by SAC.  I purchased it and others at the Plattsburgh AFB Base Exchange for Christmas of 1962 or 1963.
Front Panel Center Spread Rear Panel Picture Detail
& Description

     The card is printed on heavy white stock. The left half (front panel) is heavily embossed with a pebble surface.  The words, "Season's Greetings" are embossed in gold.  There is a die-cut window that reveals part of the picture inside.  The right inside panel displays a full-color picture that has been glued into place. It is surrounded by an embossed rectangle pressed into the panel.  The caption reads, "'Whom shall I send and who will go for us?  Here am I!  Send me.'  Isaiah 6:5."  The left center panel carries the caption, "Memorial Window; Strategic Air Command Chapel; Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska."   The rear panel provides a description of the window.  At the bottom of the panel, it states "American Greetings," then in fine print, "Copyright American Greeting Corporation; Cleveland USA" and the form designation "SAC-1"
     The card is now forty years old and suffers from toning (turning brown around the edges), so I retouched the scans to provide cleaner images.  The first three pictures (those of the card itself) are reproduced full size.  As the images are large, I've put each on separate page to ease downloading.  There is also a copy of the picture reproduced at 200% to provide maximum detail.  The description of the window, as it appears on the rear panel of the card, is below the picture.