Strategic Air Command


The Strategic Air Command Gallery
      This web makes extensive use of graphics.  A great many are presented in context. Many are included in pages that explore a given subject.  For examples, photos of a particular base or those dealing with an individual wing.  Each of the aircraft and missiles has its own gallery.  This gallery presents subjects with a much broader range.

Clip Art
   Several versions of the SAC crest and U.S. Flags

SAC Christmas Card
    I purchased this at the Plattsburgh AFB Base Exchange in 1962 or 1963.  As far as I know, it is the only Christmas Card ever sanctioned by SAC.  It carries the form designation "SAC-1."  Each side is presented full size.  The Inside carries a picture of the SAC memorial window.  It is reproduced twice full size.  The rear panel carries a description of the window.  It is also presented.
Enduring Freedom
   New "Let's Roll" insignia, F-15 nose art and a bit of humor
and other printed material
   Advertising Posters from Strategic Air Command, Gathering of Eagles, and Dr. Strangelove.  Also brief plot summaries and some photographs from Dr. Strangelove. 
  High resolution 1024 x 768 pixel wallpaper for your computer.  Submissions invited.
The things we used every day.