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The Numbered Air Forces
    During it's lifetime, SAC commanded 5 numbered air forces.  In the early years, they were based on the type of aircraft flown, but were later based on geographic location.  The Second, Eighth and Fifteenth were its primary units.  Eighth Air Force headquarters was located at Westover AFB, Mass and commanded all SAC bases in the eastern United States.  The Fifteenth Air Force was located at Barksdale AFB, La and commanded the SAC bases in the mid-west.  The Second Air Force commanded SAC bases on the west coast.  Each had its own command post that could take over operations in the event SAC headquarters at Offutt AFB, Nebraska was taken out by an enemy attack.  
      16th Air Force commanded the reflex bases in Europe.  During World War II, The 20th Air Force commanded the B-29s in the Pacific and oversaw the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Japan.  After the war, it remained in the Pacific.  In 1990, it was assigned to SAC and took over the command of the ICBM missiles.
     Although the names are often expressed numerically, the proper form is for them to be spelled out.