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 Twentieth Air Force
Activated in 1991 at Vandenberg AFB, Ca.
Reassigned to Air Combat Command 1 June 1992

       Twentieth Air Force was formed exclusively as a heavy strategic bombardment organization. Headquartered in the United States, under command of General Henry H. Arnold, with direction from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, its B-29 components operated in the China-Burma-India and Pacific theaters, carrying the air war to the Japanese. Operations climaxed with atomic attacks on Japan in August 1945. Following the war, Twentieth Air Force remained in the Pacific and served in combat for a short time during the Korean War. Later it was involved primarily in air defense of the Ryukyu Islands.
         Established as Twentieth Air Force, and activated on 4 April 1944 at Washington D.C., assigned to Army Air Forces. Moved to Harmon Field, Guam, Mariana Islands, on 16 July 1945 and assigned to U.S. Army Strategic Air Forces. Assigned to Pacific Air Command, U.S. Army, (later Far East Air Forces), on 6 December 1945. Moved to Kadena AB, Ryukyu Islands, Japan, on 16 May 1949. Inactivated on 1 March 1955. Assigned to Strategic Air Command on 29 March 1991. Activated at Vandenberg AFB, California, on 1 September 1991. Relieved from assignment to Strategic Air Command and assigned to Air Combat Command on 1 June 1992.