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 Sixteenth Air Force

Activated in 1957 at Madrid, Spain
Moved to Torrejon AB, Spain in 1958
Reassigned to USAFE in 1966.

       Originated as a separate operating agency, this postwar numbered air force served both Strategic Air Command and United States Air Forces in Europe. Established as Joint United States Military Group, Air Administration (Spain), on 20 May 1954. Activated on 20 May 1954 at Madrid, Spain, as a separate operating agency (SOA) of the United States Air Force. Redesignated Sixteenth Air Force on 15 July 1956. Assigned to Strategic Air Command on 1 July 1957, losing SOA status. Moved to Torrejon AB, Spain, on I February 1958. Assigned to United States Air Forces in Europe on 15 Apri11966. Moved to Torrejon AB, Spain to Aviano AB, Italy, on 10 August 1992