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 Second Air Force

Activated in 1949 at Barksdale AFB, La.
Deactivated in 1975
Reactivated in 1991 at Beale AFB, Ca.
Reassigned to Air Combat Command 1 June 1992

       Formed in the United States to provide air defense and train personnel of newly formed units in World War II, the Second was briefly part of Air Defense Command after the war. From 1949 to 1975, as part of the Strategic Air Command, it engaged in training for strategic warfare.
      Established as Northwest Air District on 19 October 1940. Activated on 18 December 1940 at McChord Field, Washington, initially assigned to Central Defense Command, U.S. Army, and later to Western Defense Command, U.S. Army. Redesignated 2d Air Force on 9 April 1941 and Second Air Force on 18 September 1942. Moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, on 13 June 1943. Assigned to Army Air Forces in September 1943, and to Continental Air Forces (1ater Strategic Air Command), on 16 April 1945 Inactivated on 30 March 1946. Activated on 6 June 1946 at Fort Crook, Nebraska, assigned to Air Defense Command. Inactivated on 1 July 1948. Activated on 1 November 1949 at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, assigned to Strategic Air Command. Inactivated on 16 September 1950 and organized the same day with no change in station or assignment. Inactivated on 1 January 1975. Assigned to Strategic Air Command~ on 29 August 1991, and activated at Beale AFB, California on 1 September 1991. Relieved from assignment to Strategic Air Command and assigned to Air Combat Command on 1 June 1992.