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SAC Hybrid Patches

"Joint Airlift Command"
"This hybrid patch is an interesting bit of GI humor.  A fairly large fleet of T-39 (and later, C-21) aircraft were stationed at Offutt AFB NE to fly SAC and JSTPS VIP's to various locations.  While the aircraft were piloted and maintained by SAC people, they were 'owned' and scheduled by Military Airlift Command (MAC)."  Photo provided by Cookieman
SAC PAC Air Forces - HAVE
     A hybrid patch.  Left side of design is from SAC patch; right side is from Pacific Air Command.  Must have been some sort of joint exercise, effort or command.  Have been unable to find out anything about it.
  Capt. Paul Boley wrote, "
most likely from Andersen AFB, Guam.  Andersen was a SAC base in the PACAF Theater