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"Hearts and Minds"
During the Viet Nam War, President Johnson proclaimed that his administration's goal was to "Win the Hearts and Minds" of the  Vietnamese people, especially those sympathetic to communist North Viet Nam.  SAC B-52's were then showering the country with bombs, and this resulted in the slogan being expanded to, "When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow."  The airman eventually realized that SAC was applying the same philosophy to them by not permitting them to transfer from the command.  That resulted in this unique patch. 
"To Err is Human..."
SAC strived for perfection in everything in did.  Men in other commands may have been given a slap on the wrist for a traffic ticket, but SAC maintained, "If a man is not responsible enough to drive a car, he has no business around nuclear weapons."  The offender would often be kicked out the Air Force and tossed off the base by the close of the day.  This "Sundown Policy" was made possible by issuing a general discharge under Air Force Regulation 39.16.  SAC's non-forgiving attitude is reflected in this patch, a version of "Hearts and Minds," shown above.
"One Good Deal After Another"
The SAC fist squeezing what appears to be the SAC crow.
     Photos of the following four patches and their captions were provided by John the "Cookieman."  He was in SAC from 1968 until he retired in 1977.  
"Peace Baby Peace"
 "'Peace Baby Peace'" was a popular expression amongst the anti-war freaks during Viet Nam.  The 'V' for Victory hand sign was used to signal this expression.  Some enterprising SAC troop, while TDY to the Far East, came up with the idea to modify the SAC Crest, and probably had it made in an Okinawa Sew Shop.  I think the patch sez it all."

"Sorry About That"
Another popular phrase during Viet Nam.  I think this modification to the SAC Crest is sort of an anti-/anti-war demonstration expression by the military.  When I worked Minuteman, the launch crews were always worried about their duty schedules being changed.  Their saying for this patch would have been, 'Well, I suppose this will change the crew schedule'."

"We Win"
I am sure this patch was designed by some TAC Weenie Pilot.  It aptly depicts the demise of SAC - The TAC sword piercing the SAC mailed fist.  This reminds me of a joke going around in June of 1992.  Do you know who killed SAC?  The butler did it!  (General Butler was the last CINCSAC)."


Manly Man Command
A variation on the above.
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