USAF Patches - Strategic Air Command, bombers, fighters, air divisions and more


Special SAC Units

      Cookieman wrote, "MSET was Maintenance and Standardization Evaluation Team.  MSET was assigned to HQ SAC at Offutt.  They made unscheduled, no notice visits to SAC units in the field and performed evaluations.  They were not part of the SAC Inspector General Team, but sometimes operated in conjunction with them.  Normal G.I.s at the bases hated to see them come, as they tended to be pretty chicken shit and critical in their evaluations and checks.  I remember one incident where an MSET Guy checked a panel on the back of a test set that had over 100 bolts securing it.  He found three a little loose, so that was three write-ups.  This didn't effect the operation of the equipment, but that was the way they were.  Anyway, several varieties of the patch exist.  The patch always reflects those weapons systems being used by SAC at the time.  Yours reflects the B-52, B-58, KC-135 and AGM-28 Hound Dog.  For a short time, the base motor pool came under MSET, and you can find a similar patch with the Aircraft, Missiles, and a pick-up truck.
1st Recon Sqd
SAC's first reconnaissance unit.  Established at Bolling AFB in 1946. It provided the cadre need for the many units that followed.


Transient Alert - Identified - HAVE
     "The transient alert patch on you can you identify page is from the 6171 Combat Support Sq out of Kwang Ju AFB Korea.  I was the NCOIC of the section and AGE shop in the early 1970's  If you look in Jerry Polders book for the 6171CSSQ you will find the Dragon on the unit insignia.  We had several variations made for guys who were there.  The Ying Yang is depicted also." Thanks to: John Davis 25 years USAF ret.   Note: this is a large 8" patch, obviously for back of a flight jacket.
SAC Band