Strategic Air Command

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Bomb Wing Posters

    We are now in the process of preparing full-color posters honoring SAC's bomb wings.  There are to be four of them, arranged by aircraft.  Each poster will show a photo of the airplane(s) and give a brief operational history.  The bulk of the poster is the patches worn by the wings during the time period.  Under each will be a caption citing the unit's most frequently used name (Bomb Wing, Strategic Wing, etc.), its bases, the years it flew the aircraft and its flying squadrons.  The titles are: (1) B-29/50 and B-36, (2) B-47, (3) B-52 constituted wings, and (4) other aircraft - includes the B-58, the FB-111 and the B-1.  Although the B-2 Stealth Bomber came into use after SAC's demise, it will be included in this poster.  
      If we are able to recover our cost on these, then other titles will follow.  They may include the Missile units, the Air Refueling Wings, Strategic Wings, Strategic Command and Air Combat Command.
    The first poster - that for the B-52 Superfortress will be going to the printer soon.  Below, we've shown a screen shot from our design program.  The gray lines around elements will not be on the printed poster.  If you want to insure that you get copy, then email me.

    Several friends are helping me to assemble the necessary images for the other posters. You can check out the status of each poster by clicking on the link at the top of this page.