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Other Bombers Poster / Intro & Layout

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Status:  This poster is in at an early stage of development.  It is undergoing an extensive revision.. 
       Originally it was to show the B-58, FB-111, B-1 and B-2, but that has all changed.  The B-29/50 and B-50 were to have originally been combined into one poster.  Space limitations resulted in that being impossible, so the set was reorganized.  The B-29/50 is now a separate poster and the B-36 and B-58 are going to be combined into one poster.
      The B-2 was never flown by SAC, so it has been removed and replaced by the SR-71.  Reducing the number of aircraft
represented from 4 to 3 will result in a cleaner design and larger images.. 

Above:  Very rough layout to identify pictures needed and space for text.