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Mystery Patches & Units
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     These patches appear to be or may have been SAC related.  The units, when named, are known only from the patch.  Surely someone must know something about them.  It has been our practice to post comments, so that you can share your experiences and knowledge with others.  Unless, you object, we will give you credit and a link to your email so other folks with similar interests can contact you.
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4220th Strategic Wing
This is not a patch, rather it is a plague inscribed 4220th Strategic Wing, Strategic Air Command, Ching Chuan Kang, Taiwan.  Anyone have any idea what a SAC unit was doing in Taiwan. 
4321st Strategic Wing
Offutt AFB, NE.  Anyone know anything about this unit?  Did it have any aircraft?
Lee Spain wrote,
4321 Strategic Wing
Offutt AFB, Nebraska.  Activated 1 Oct. 1959
Replaced by the 385th Strategic Aerospace WIng 1 Jan. 1963.
Controlled the 34 Air Refueling Sqd and 549 Strategic Missile Sqd.

3918th Strategic Wing
Only know that it was stationed in Turkey? 
Lee Spain wrote,
3918th Strategic Wing
RAF Upper Heyford
Redesignated from the 3918 Combat Support Group 1 Feb 64
Redesignated 3918 Air Base Group in 1958
Supported B-47 Reflex units
Strategic Reconnaissance  Center - HAVE
Have been unable to find out about this unit.  Note that the patch shows a SR-71 Blackbird.
Guarding the Northland
Slogan is similar to that of the 28th Bomb, which is "Guarding the North." 
SAC Electronic Combat - HAVE
Was this a unit or a function performed by units?
Lee Spain wrote,
SAC Electronic Combat.

This patch was given to graduates of the Electronic Warfare School at Mather AFB, CA.  They were given this patch so that they could have a patch for their flight suits and wore it until they reported to their new host unit and were given that patch to wear.


Obviously a SAC performance evaluation unit
En Garde - HAVE
Jerry Ponder's Guide to Air Force Patch Mottos identifies the motto as belonging to the 717th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron.  Note armored fist with hand tools.