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B-52 Strategic Wings 4026th - 4138th

The following Strategic Wings flew B-52s.  The list comes from B-52 Superfortress by Dorr & Peacock.
4026th Strategic Wing
Wurtsmith AFB,  MI
4038th SW
Dow AFB, Maine
4039th SW
Repro - Have
Griffiss AFB, NY
4042nd SW
Sawyer AFB, MI

4043rd SW
Wright Patterson AFB, OH
4047th SW
4123rd SW
Carswell, Clinton-Sherman
4126  - HAVE
Beale, Travis

4128th SW
Amarillo AFB, TX
4130th SW
Bergstrom AFB, TX
4133rd SW - HAVE
Grand Forks, ND
4134th SW 
Mather AFB, CA
4135th SW - HAVE
Eglin AFB, FL
4136th SW
Minot AFB, ND
4137th SW
Robins AFB, GA
4138th SW
Turner AFB, GA