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SAC's Bombers
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 Size of SAC's  Bomber Fleet by year 
 Who Flew What When

All of the above planes are reproduced in the same scale so you can easily see the size differences between them

B-29 Boeing Superfortress - carried over from World War II.
B-36 Convair Peacemaker - 6 reciprocating engines, 4 jet engines
B-47 Boeing Stratojet - 6 jet engines
B-50 Boeing Superfortress - Vastly improved B-29
B-52 Boeing Stratofortress - 8 jet engines
B-58 North American Hustler - 4 jet engines - first supersonic bomber.
B-1 Lancer
B-2  Stealth Bomber

Not shown above

B-17  SAC did fly a few of the Flying Fortresses from World War II,
but was not considered part of its bomber fleet.
B-57  Not flown by SAC