Wing Organization Detail

The following information is provided by Terry Horstead

     Under the old army organization virtually every squadron had a different numeric designation.  This caused a great deal of confusion.  Under the new wing organization, most of the Assigned Squadrons carried the same number as the Assigned Wing
(For Exceptions, see *'s below).
     Combat squadrons (Bomber, Fighter, Recon, & Missile) Maintenance a separate numeric identity as they were often transferred from one wing to another.   Tanker Unit's may or may not have the same designation as the wing). Example: The 380th BW  had five combat units: the 528th, 529th, 530th and 531st Bombardment Squadrons, the 380th Air Refueling Sq, (AREFS)  and later: had the 310th AREFS assigned.  The tanker squadron having the same same numeric designation as the bomb wing was strictly a coincidence. Special Mission Units were, also assigned to the 380th BW from 1962 to 1964 the 4365th Post Attack Command & Control Squadron, with Special purpose B-47's. Between 1962 & 1958 the 380th Supported the 556th Strategic Missile Sq. a  Atlas ICBM Missile Sq.  While operating FB-111A's the 380th had the 4007th Combat Crew Training Squadron assigned.
     For example, the Flying Wing Maintenance units were the Periodic Maintenance. Sq. (Later:) Organizational Maintenance Sq. Later: R/D as  Aircraft Generation Squadron (Flight Line Level Maintenance, Inspection Docks, Base Flight/Transit Alert, & Aerospace Ground Equipment-Non Powered), the  Maintenance Squadron.*, later: Field Maintenance Squadron. (Later R/D:) Equipment Maintenance Squad.& finally Maintenance. Sq. (Aircraft & Engine Systems and Specialty Shops (including Structural Repair), and Aerospace Ground Equipment -Powered), the Armament & Electronics Maintenance. Sq.  (Later:) Avionics Maintenance. Sq. and Component Repair Squadron (Aircraft Electronic Systems (Minus - Electrical Shop) (Missions Systems, Comm/Nav, Armament** & Defensive Systems), In specified B52 / DC-130 Recon Units a Airborne Missile Maintenance. Sq was assigned to Maintenance AGM-28's Hound Dog,  ADM-20's  Quail and Ryan Freebee RPV's, and the Aviation Depot Sq.***  (Later:), Munitions Maintenance squadron .  (With the Implementation of POMO Maintenance Concept. The MMS Function is Merged and assumed by the Equipment Maintenance squadron . Small & Forward Units with Maintenance requirements had a Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (CAMS), (whose history is traced thru the Field Maintenance Squadron****) with all Maintenance functions assigned.
     Additional Maintenance. Units were added as required to support special requirements

* Early SAC units had Maintenance Squadrons or Maintenance & Supply Group. where the Maintenance was redesignated as Field Maintenance Squadrons Most SAC Units had Units activated as FMS's.
** AEMS at Bases with No Munitions Functions had Weapons Functions assigned.
*** All Maintenance Squadrons carried the same number designation as the
wing assigned with the exception of nuclear ADS / MMS until 1 October 1972
when all MMS were redesignated with the host wing number.
****KC-10 CAMS unit's were not  Linked to the FMS as the FMS's were still
Active at the time.

     Support groups were numbered to the Host Unit numbers.  When the 380th Bomb Wing Activated at Plattsburg Air Force Base, New York, it was supported by the 820th Combat Support Group. The Base was designated to Support a Dual Wing Concept. A second B-47 wing (308th BW) was designated to also be assigned to Plattsburg AFB, but was delayed Activation. Because  the Base was to Host two equal units, SAC Activated the 820th Air Division.  All squadrons within the Air Base / Combat Support Group carried the same numeric designation - supply, civil engineering,/ medical etc.  . When the 820th AD deactivated, the 820th CSG and all 820th Support Squadrons were Redesignated as the 380th Combat Support Group and its support squadrons

Support Squadrons Assigned & Later redesignation

Air Base Group / Combat Support Group
(Support Mission / Combat Mission   - Major Base)

Air Base Sq / Combat Support Sq
(Support Mission / Combat Mission   - Minor Base)

Combat Defense Sq.  Later:   Air Police Sq., Security Police Sq. Security Forces Sq.

Food Services Sq    Later:   Services Squadron

Installation Sq.    Later:   Civil Engineering Sq.

Motor Vehicle Sq.   Later:   Transportation Sq.
(Later Merged with Supply Functions to create Logistics Support Sq.)

Material Sq          Later:    Supply Sq.
(Later Merged with Supply Functions to create Logistics Support Sq.)

Operations Sq.      Later:     Communications Sq.*                 
(Base Operations to ABG/CSG)
After reorganization of support functions Base ops  Functions Merged with MAC
Weather Detachments, Records, Training, & other Operations Functions  to
form:  Operational Support Sq.

* On SAC Bases SAC Kept assignment of the communication squadrons (Comm Centers) as SAC Comm Sq's however the Air Traffic functions were transferred to a AFCS Squadron. Some SAC Comm Sq. carried the designation of the Host Unit Plattsburg  820th Comm Sq. Fairchild's 92nd Comm Sq - 92nd BW,  98th Comm Sq , 98th BW  however  Offutt had the 1st Aerospace Comm Group (SAC),  30th Comm Sq, & 31st Comm Sq.- March AFB had the 33rd Comm Sq. - Andersen
27th Comm Sq -Westover 18th Comm Sq, Barksdale  46th Comm Sq.

Infirmary             Later:   USAF Hospital
Dispensary            Later:   USAF Hospital
Medical Group         Later:   USAF Hospital / USAF Regional Hospital

Might just be the HQ's Bases had different Comm Squadron ID's from the host unit.

There are Exceptions to every rule   You asked about the 862nd Med Group.  the 862nd CSG was assigned to Minot a dual wing Base   450 BW / 455 SMW  the 862nd CSG was activated Jan 62 the 810th AD transferred from Biggs AFB, Texas in July 62. the 862nd remained until 1972 when base functions were assigned to 91st SMW the apparent thought (i.e.: reading between the lines)  was the SMW was a more fixed in location then a flying wing.  (At least that is my reading of the exception)