No Emblem

703rd Strategic Missile Wing
No motto
Based at: Lowry AFB, Colorado
Missiles: None - trained in Titan
Status:  Inactivated July 1, 1961.
Squadrons: 848 MS, 849 MS
Links: See Titan Missile

   Photo provided by Reuben Barton
     The 703rd Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM-Titan ) was established on September 5, 1958.  It was activated on Sept. 25, 1958 and assigned to the 1st Missile Division, Fifteenth Air Force.
      This was a very short-lived wing.  It became partially operational on December 10, 1958.  It trained in the operation of the Titan intercontinental ballistic missile, but never before it could become fully operational, it was replaced by the 451st Strategic Missile Wing.
      Discontinued and inactivated July 1, 1961.
848 MS: Assigned Feb 1, 1960 - July 1, 1961
849 MS: Assigned Aug 1, 1960 - July 1, 1961