351 Strategic Missile Wing
Motto "Sentinels of Peace"


Based at: Whiteman AFB, Missouri
Aircraft: Minuteman Missiles
Status:  Inactive
Squadrons: 508 MS, 509 MS, 510 MS
Links: Whiteman AFB

     Established as the 351st Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM-Minuteman) and activated on August 9, 1963 at Whiteman AFB, Missouri.
Minuteman I
     The 351st supervised missile training operations and coordinated construction of SM-30B (later, LGM-30B) Minuteman I missile facilities from February 1, 1963 to June 29, 1964.  The first missile arrived Jan 14, 1964 and was placed it's silo two days later.  The 508th SMS became combat ready on June 5, and the 409th on June 10, 1964.  The last flight of the fifteen missiles was accepted June 29, 1964, making the 410th operational.  The wing then had 150 fully operational missiles.
     Meanwhile the 340th Bombardment Wing phased down for inactivation and 351st Strategic Missile Wing gradually assumed host-wing responsibilities at Whiteman AFB, between July 1, and Sept 1, 1963.
    Won the Colonel Lee R. Williams Memorial Missile Trophy for Calendar Years 1965, 1967 and 1973.  Converted to LGM-30F Minuteman II missiles between May 7, 1966 and Oct 3, 1967.  Won the SAC missile combat competition and Blanchard Trophy in 1967, 1971 and 1977.  Named as SAC's "best Minuteman wing in 1972.
     Shut down in 1995 as a result of the Start treaty.
     508 MS: Assigned May 1, 1963 -
     509 MS: Assigned June 1, 1963 -
     510 MS: Assigned July 1, 1963 -