Strategic Air Command


      This is the beginning of a new section that will honor the shakers and movers who pioneered the use of Air Power and led or contributed to the Strategic Air Command.  It is only appropriate that this section begin with -

General Curtis Emerson LeMay
"Father of the Strategic Air Command"
Coming Soon General Billy Mitchell
Early advocate of Air Power, who was drummed out of the Army Air Corps because he refused to accept it's negligence.  At his court martial, he predicted the attack on Pearl Harbor.  It occurred after he died.  A grateful congress awarded him the Medal of Honor and the Air Corps named the the new B-25 bomber after him.  It was the only U.S. airplane ever named after a person. 
Coming Soon General "Hap" Arnold
Produced the enormous B-29 bomber and organized its use against the Japanese islands.  It later became SAC's first bomber.
Coming Soon General Thomas Powers
One of Lemay's wing commanders in the Japanese theater, he later supervised the Atomic tests.  Replaced Lemay as SAC's commander.  He introduced the alert system, the ICBM missiles, the strategic wings and the dreaded Organizational Readiness Inspections.  Great Guy!
Coming Soon Lt. General Bernard A. Schriever
Father of the U. S. Air Force missile program.  Simultaneous developed Atlas, Thor, Jupiter and Titan and later the Minuteman.. 

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