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SAC Patches: The First 10 Groups
These are the 10 bomb groups WWII Bomb Groups that were used to form SAC in 1946.
All but the 93rd and the 509th were inactivated within a few months.
The 40th and 449th were later reactivaed.
Patches are difficult to find.  The objective is show those from World War II.
When not available, photos or later wing patches are shown.

40th BG deactivated 1946
40th BW activated 1952
Wing patch above - Have
44th BG deactivated 1946
44th BW activated 1947
Group patch above
93rd BG reorganized
into 93BW 1947
Wing patch above - Have
444th BG Inactivated 1946
No Picture
448th BG Inactivated 1946
Patch appears modern
Repro?  - Have
449th BG Inactivated 1946
449 Fighter-Bomber Wing
activated in 1953
467th BG Inactivated 1946 485 BG Inactivated 1946
  No Picture


  498th BG Inactivated 1946 509th BG reorganized into
509th BW in 1947
Wing patch above - Have