USAF Patches - Strategic Air Command, bombers, fighters, air divisions and more

Obtaining SAC Patches

   Rarely a day passes that we don't receive an email from someone looking for SAC patches.  We do not sell patches.  Those shown on the site are either ones from my personal collections or photos obtained from other sources.  Some good sources for patches are listed below:
Cookieman Website John is an old-time SAC trained killer who deals in its patches.  He has a wide inventory and chances are tha he may have what you seek.  Contact him at
Jon Letzkus
117 Euclid Avenue
Wheeling, WV  26003
Jon is another advanced dealer.  He has helped me with many elusive items.
Contact him at
Scotts Links Many patch sources Ed Shimko is another reliable dealer.  He also manufactures patches, so if you
need one for your unit or a reunion, get in touch with him.
Aeroemblem Jerry Ponder's website.  Jerry has compiled many books on air force patches.  They are the definitive reference works on the subject and are available from his website.
Plus many new patches - basically units that are operational today.  Jerry also makes patches for units and reunions. John's personal collection. However, check out his list of patches for trade.