Strategic Air Command
Mystery Aircraft
      I am an aviation historian, and I was wondering if you could help me. I just wanted to find out if any of your SAC readers recall seeing a very unusual aircraft stored in the restricted hangar at Offutt AFB in 1967. (see attached illustration). These specific aircraft were stationed at MacDill AFB in September of 1967, and were later transferred to Offutt AFB (there were four different sizes). These jet powered flying wing discs were decommissioned/declassified in 1967.
       The aircraft were parked outside at the MacDill AFB scrap-yard, and measured 20, 40, 70, and 116ft. in diameter. All four aircraft had tricycle landing gear, with control surfaces running along the circumference of the disc. The largest craft had a crew of five, with two air-intakes on both sides of the pilot’s compartment. The fuselage tapered back to an extremely tall vertical tail. There were four exhaust ports located at the extreme aft lower end of the craft. The main landing gear was very similar in appearance to that of a Boeing 747.
       The designation “XPERIMENTAL” was written along the side of the fuselage, with the standard USAF star and bars insignia. A large quantity of official USAF photos were taken, including motion picture footage. Please note, these aircraft are not to be confused with the well known AVRO VZ-9 AVROCAR, the Chance Vought V-173 “flying pancake”, or the Chance Vought XF5U-1. The largest aircraft was a long-range SAC bomber. Any information that you could provide would be of great help.

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