Strategic Air Command


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  Please note that links to relating to specific bases and units are located on the applicable pages.  Here are some that are more general or don't fit into the categories or have not yet been added to applicable pages.
B-47 Stratojet Association by Mark Natola
B-47 Page - Good photos
B-52 Stratofortress Association
Aeroweb Aviation Enthusiast Corner
FB-111 Association
Military Aircraft Photo Gallery
Tanker Aircraft of the USAF
Tanker Squadrons - Extensive site, units, aircraft, patches, etc
Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron Alumni.  by Tom Clinard. Hound Dog and Quail site. 
Contains patches for all squadrons - see Memorabilia
Atlas Missile History
Association of Air Force Missileers -
Astronautix - rockets, etc.
Missile Index -
Silo World - Location of sites, and more
Titan I website - Loads of information. 
Titan - Unit histories, patches
Vandenberg AFB Launch Log
Nuclear Weapons
Federation of American Scientists - FAS. Lots on nuclear weapons, bases, aircraft, etc.
Hi-Energy Weapons Archives - lots of info on nukes.
USAF Nuclear Weapons Specialists -
US Nuclear Weapons Cost Study Project 
Save SAC Museum - Describes changes since becoming the Strategic Museum
Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum

8th Air Force Museum
A-Bomb World War II Museum
Castle Air Museum
Goeleta Air Museum - Virtual Museum (all web).  Many great graphics and photos
Grissom AFB Museum
March Field Museum
McChord Air Museum
National Atomic Museum
Peterson Air Museum
San Diego Aerospace Museum
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
United States Air Force Museum
USAF Museum - Virtual Memorial Park - Photos of memorials to units.
The Cold War Museum.  by Francis Gary Powers Jr.
AeroEmblem.  New patches for sale.  Jerry Ponder wrote the books on Air Force patches.
American Society of Military Insignia Collectors
Bad Boy Peter - Nice gallery
Black Magic Recon Website - elusive recon patches.  Info on units.
Cookieman's Collection Connection.  SAC warrior John Cook sells SAC patches - Broken Link
Scott's links to traders and collectors
Strategic Air Command Patches.  Definitive site. - Index Page.  Patches by unit.  Great resource.
Titan II - listed above, but great collection of Titan II patches
Link Pages
Aviation Sites - extensive list
Dept of Defense Related websites.
Heavy Bombers - WW2, recommended links
Other Stuff
Air Combat Command - Scheduled Events

Air Force Freedom of Information Act
Air Force History Homepage
Air Force Library Fact Sheets - aircraft, organizations, weapons, etc.
Air Force Magazine
Air Operations in Vietnam by Thomas D. Pilsch, Brig Gen, USAF (Ret)
Air University/Maxwell AFB
Airman Magazine
Art and Aerospace Page of Kathryn and Andreas Gehrs-Pahl!
- Lots of great articles and links
American Airpower Heritage Museum
Aviation Enthusiasts Corner
Aviation History On-Line Museum
Black Hills Bandit - Great SAC articles.  Ellsworth AFB online newspaper
Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office
Department of Veterans Affairs
Flying with Walter Boyne
Greenham Common - England Reflex Base
Heavy Bombers
Joes USAF Blue Book. by Joe Page
Korean War Project
Military.CZ - info on aircraft, bases, etc.
SAC Elite Guard Alumni
Strategic Air Command Memorial Amateur Radio Club
Stories from the Old Navigator - Interesting B-52 photos and stories
Tanker Squadrons of the USAF - Everything about tankers.
Upper Heyford RAF Base - Great site.  B-47 and B-52 and other aircraft often deployed to this base in England - modern day Air Force. Non-official
USAF Security Forces - Air Police site.
US Armed Forces Order of Battle - current Air Force units.
Walker AFB Sentry Dogs
World War II Bomber and Fighter Groups