Strategic Air Command
The SAC Crow
    What's the symbolism of the SAC crow?  Some information provided by visitors appears below.
ECM Patch SAC "C'est La Vie" 380th Aerial Refueling Squadron 92nd Bomb Wing

These two patches were represented as being from U-2 operations

Have received some interesting emails:
Larry Arvidson wrote, "I was in the 4239th/449th AEMS, ECM section at Kincheloe AFB from 1960 to 1964.  The crow on your patch looks suspiciously like the crow on our Electronic Countermeasures patch."   
     ECM / Reconnaissance sounds like logical activities for the crow to represents.  The "C'est La Vie" patch shown below (no idea as to its orgin) shows a machine-gun wheeling bulldog accompanied by a crow.  Fido almost certainly represents the fighting forces - the bomber and his feathered friend could be providing support.  But the crow also appears on the patch for the 380th Aerial Refueling Squadron and later appeared on that for the 380th Aerial Refueling Wing.  The shield on the Old Crows patch states it from the 92nd Bomb Wing Medium.  Thus the bird is used in different context.  Any ideas, experiences, opinions would be appreciated.
Fred Wagner, Capt. USAF, retired. answer one question - the Bulldog patches - the Bulldog was the trademark of the B-52 Gunners, just as the Raven was the mark of the EW, although the EW's also flew on RC's and RB's of various flavors. 
Dean C. Spraggins, USAF (ret)   ... The cigar-smoking SAC crow (first patch on this page) was the province of the electronic combat community, and was often worn by B-52 EW officers.  The underwing bundle of lightning bolts represented ECM ("jamming" to the uninitiated).  The crow had for some years been a critter associated with electronic warfare (cf. the international Association of Old Crows).  "Every Crow a Tiger" was a long-standing motto of bomber EW officers, sometimes printed with this emblem when it was used on walls or podiums -- hence the tiger tail.
     The Strategic Reconnaisance Center was a HQ agency (SAC/DOR).  Tasked with command and control of recce assets, it had it very own specialized command post, under H wing of Bldg 500.  I spent my final three-plus years on active duty assigned to USSTRATCOM,
but never saw the black-armored, gold-riveted fist inside the pointy-topped shield you have posted on the lower right corner of your
second page of mystery patches.  As you probably know, the STRATCOM emblem is round, containing the SAC fist (otherwise unaltered) inside a ring encircled by rope (or twisted/braided something-or-other).   Symbolizing Navy incursion into SAC, it occasionally became an object of ridicule as the image of "US Life Saver Command."