Strategic Air Command

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      Marv served in the 380th Bomb Wing (medium) at Plattsburgh AFB, NY from September 1961 to January 1964.  He is now the principal stock holder and Chief Executive Officer of
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Marv has written a book on his adventures in SAC.  Feel free to download a copy.
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     Above, the author in 1963.  At right, same dude, taken in front of B-47 2385 "Pride of the Adirondacks," at the former Plattsburgh AFB in the summer of 2000.

"I took my two sons, Mike and Jim, with me to see 'how the old man helped with the Cold War.'  Jim (at left) asked why I joined the Air Force.  I explained that back in 1961 there was compulsory draft.  If I had not joined one of the armed forces, then I would surely have been drafted by the Army.  I thought about it a few minutes, then added, 'The very fact that I and a lot of other guys were standing guard 40 years ago is the reason that you don't have the draft today.'   Upon arrival at Plattsburgh, we were briefed as to SAC's mission.  I remember being told that we were making the world a safer place for our children, but at age nineteen, I really didn't think too much about that.  Today, I know that the briefing officer was right.  That's what we did."