Strategic Air Command

813th Air Division
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    Activated in 1954, the 813th organized, manned, trained, and equipped its assigned units. The division maintained the capability to conduct long-range bombardment operations and strategic missile warfare. In addition, the 813th supported Air Reserve and National Guard programs, established applicable safety programs, and administered the security protection program.

  813th Air Division
Activated on: 15 Jul1954, at Pinecastle AFB, FL.  Assigned to Second Air Force.
Inactivated on: 1 Jun 1956.
Activated on: 15 Jul 1959, at Mountain Home AFB, ID. Assigned to Fifteenth Air Force.
Redesignated on: 1 Apr 1962 as 813th Strategic Aerospace Division.
  813th Strategic Aerospace Division
Moved to: Malstrom AFB, MT, on 1 Jul 1964.
Inactivated on: 2 Jul 1966.

Assigned Units

9th Bomb Wing

15 Jul 1959

25 Jun 1966

19th Bomb Wing

15 Jul 1954

1 Jun 1956

321st Bomb Wing

15 Jul 1954

1 Jun 1956

341st Strategic Missile Wing

1 Jul 1964

2 Jul 1966

4061st Air Refueling Wing

15 Jul 1959

15Jul 1961

Attached Units

379th Bomb Wing

1 Nov 1955

31 May 1956