Strategic Air Command

801st Air Division
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  The 801st Air Division was activated on 28 May 1952; the division trained and maintained a force capable of conducting bombing and electronic countermeasures operations. The 801st also trained subordinate units in air-to-air refueling techniques, and in strategic reconnaissance. The division also participated in numerous tactical exercises such as Big Blast, Deep River, Sky Shield, and Purple Mood.

  801st Air Division
Activated on: 28 May 1952, at Lockbourne AFB, OH.  Assigned to Second Air Force
Reassigned to: Eighth Air Force on 1 Jul 1955.
Deactivated on: 15 Mar 1965.

Assigned Units

26th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

28 May 1952

1 Jul 1958

91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

28 May 1952

8 Nov 1957

301st Bomb Wing

15 Apr 1958

15 Mar 1965

376th Bomb Wing

3 Dec 1957

15 Mar 1965

Attached Units

70th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

10 Oct 1951

15 May 1952