Strategic Air Command

65th Air Division

    Activated on 8 Apr 1957, the 65th Air Division transferred to Spain, where it cooperated with Spanish Air Force units in the Air Defense Direction Centers (ADDCs). The 65th Air Division directed base construction, and the establishment of off-base housing and radar sites. The division's fighter squadrons flew air defense interceptions over Spanish airspace. The division also controlled the operations of numerous attached tactical fighter squadrons that were deployed to Spain for temporary duty. Assigned or attached units of the division participated in numerous exercises with the Spanish Air Defense Command, and in some instances, with the U.S. Sixth Fleet.

  65th Air Division
Activated on: 8 Apr 1957, at Madrid, Spain.  Assigned to Sixteenth Air Force.
Moved to: Torrejon, Spain in 1957.
Discontinued on: 1 Jan 1965.