Strategic Air Command

38th Air Division
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    The 38th Air Division, activated on 10 Oct 1951 as a component of Strategic Air Command, initially developed and prepared policies and procedures pertaining to bombardment, air and ground training, operations, flying safety, and security. In addition it monitored and coordinated the manning, training, equipping and operational readiness of assigned units for the primary purpose of conducting strategic air warfare on a global basis.
     The division's subordinate units participated in numerous training missions, which included simulated radar bombing and polar grid navigation, plus the Strategic Air Command bombing, and navigation competition. During the 1950s the division participated in and supported exercises such as Operation War Dance, Grey Warrior and Dark Night. The division also flew numerous air refueling sorties. The 38th was inactivated on 1 Nov 1959.


38th Air Division

Activated on:

Oct 10, 1951.


Hunter AFB, GA

Assigned to:

Second Air Force.

Reassigned to:

Eighth Air Force on 1 Jan 1959.

Inactivated on:

1 Nov 1959.

Assigned Units

2nd Bomb Wing

10 Oct 1951

1 Nov 1959

308th Bomb Wing

10 Oct 1951

15 Jul 1959