Strategic Air Command

36th Air Division
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    The 36th Air Division was activated on 4 Sep 1951, to solve the organizational and jurisdictional problems caused by placing two combat wings on one installation. The division first flew B-29's and B-50's for bombardment operations, but by late 1954 the division was completely equipped with B-47 jets. Conversion from KB-29s to KC-97s for refueling began in the summer of 1952 and ended in 1954. The division constantly flew training missions, engaged in simulated combat operations, and participated in joint exercises with the Air Defense Command. Until 1960, the division continued its task of manning, training, and equipping the assigned bombardment wings with B-47s so that they would be ready for aerial warfare on a global scale.


36th Air Division

Activated on:

4 Sep 1951.


Davis Monthan AFB, AZ

Assigned to:

Fifteenth Air Force.

Discontinued on:

15 Mar 1960.

Attached Units

43rd Bomb Wing

4 Sep 1951

15 Mar 1960

303rd Bomb Wing

4 Sep 1951

15 Mar 1960