Strategic Air Command

1st Air Division
Patch is for 1st Strategic Aerospace Division


     Activated in 1954, but until Apr 1955, the division served as a holding unit at Westover AFB, Massachusetts, for personnel of the Eighth Air Force who moved to the base as part of a transfer of Eighth’s headquarters from Carswell AFB, Tex.
     The division was activated under the Air Research and Development Command in Apr 1957 as the first division-level organization controlling intermediate range and intercontinental ballistic missiles. It became an operational component of Strategic Air Command (SAC) in Jan 1958, and began operational testing of missile systems, supporting missile launchings by SAC and other agencies, and training SAC missile men.


1st Air Division

Activated on:

1 Jul 1954 at Westover AFB, MA.  Assigned Eighth Air Force.

Reassigned to:

Strategic Air Command on 15 Apr 1955.

Moved to:

Offutt AFB, NE, on 15 Apr 1955.

Redesignated on:

15 Apr 1955 as 1st Air Division, Meteorological Survey.

  1st Air Division, Meteorological Survey

Inactivated on:

20 May 1956.

1st Missile Division

Assigned from:

Air Research and Development Command on 1 Jan 1958.

Redesignated on:

21 Jul 1961 as 1st Strategic Aerospace Division.


  1st Strategic Aerospace Division

Reassigned to:

Fifteenth Air Force on 1 Sep 1986.

Redesignated on:

31 Jul 1990 as Strategic Missile Center.

Deactivated on:

1 Sep 1991.

Assigned Units

392nd Strategic Missile Wing

18 Oct 1961

20 Dec 1961

703rd Strategic Missile Wing

25 Sep 1958

15 Jan 1959

704th Strategic Missile Wing

1 Aug 1957

1 Jul 1959

706th Strategic Missile Wing

23 Feb 1958

16 Jan 1959

4320th Strategic Wing (Missile).

1 Feb 1958

23 Feb 1958

4392nd Aerospace Support Wing

21 Jul 1961

20 Dec 1961

4392nd Aerospace Support Wing

1 Jul 1987

1 Sep 1988

4392nd Aerospace Support Wing

1 Sep 1988

1 Sep 1991

Attached Units

456th Troop Carrier Wing

25 Apr 1955

26 Mar 1956