Strategic Air Command
SAC Bases:  Kearney Air Force Base
Location: Kearney, Nebraska
Home of: 27th Fighter Wing in 1947
Status:  Closed in 1949
     Have been able to find out very little about this base.  In 1947, it was the home of the 27th Fighter Group, which flew F-51, F-82, and F-84.  It went to Korea in December 1950, where it flew the new F-84 Thunderstreak.  The base was closed in 1949, but reopened in 1951.  One report states It was redesignated Grenier Field in 1959, and Grenier AFS 1966, but Grenier AFB was in Manchester, NH.  New Boston AFS occupies a part of  the former Grenier bombing range, and preserves almost all of the land.)
     Bill Norlin wrote, "... I have been there.  I heard hat SAC had up to 100 or more Twin-Mustangs at one time and that it was the one place where '0' visibility takeoffs were expected.  Mustangs would often fly non-stop from there all the way to Puerto Rico, Howard AFB in Panama, and then back to Kearny AFB.  It is so difficult to believe and I wish I could have seen it!  I remember visiting once and being amazed at the size of the hangars, [wooden!] and the souvenirs the AFB left behind, including the link trainers.  The evening I visited was warm, spectacularly pleasant and peaceful, and I had the whole place to myself.  It is easily accessible from I-80 if you ever drive by."